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SAT., DECEMBER 8, 2018 | 3 P.M.

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By Building Awareness We Give STrength & Hope

The Reindeer Romp is held in memory of Brandon Lake, a local Havertown boy who lost his fight against cancer.

Throughout it’s history over $300,000 has been raised by the Reindeer Romp for the American Cancer Society. One hundred percent of all sales proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Nolan Painting, Inc. has been the presenting sponsor of this event since 2000. 

Each year, we continue to need your support to make this event a huge success for cancer patients and survivors alike. Participate and become a Reindeer! REGISTER Today! 

A Special Message from Mike Seeger, Cancer Survivor

"I want to thank everyone for coming out today. (December 11, 2005)

Thanks to all the sponsors, Nolan Painting, Inc., Sir Speedy, MAB Paints, Ascis, and the Bryn Mawr Running Company.

Bob Scwelm from the Bryn Mawr Running Company asked if I wanted to say a few words before the race. I've known Bob for a number of years through his store and running.

My name is Mike and I recently came through treatment and recovery for Leukemia. I don't have any secrets on why or how I made it through. Most likely a lot had to do with luck but I will say that a lot also had to do with the support I received from my friends and family. Now included in that group of friends and family are people like you all. People who know someone who has suffered. People who may know a friend of a friend, or a relative who may have not been able to beat cancer. To that end, we all have something in common, we either knew Brandon or can relate to Brandon because someone close to us has suffered and struggled.

I thanked the sponsors and everyone for coming out today but I also want to thank Brandon. His journey taken 8 years ago is part of the reason I am alive today. Everyone who has gone before has done something to help beat cancer. My leukemia had a mortality rate of 100% just 20 years ago. Today it is down to 50%. Maybe Brandon didn't realize it at the time, or maybe it seemed insignificant at the time back in 1997. Maybe it was something a doctor realized because of Brandon. Or maybe he helped prove which medicines are better for certain symptoms. Or maybe he inspired his family and friends to come out every year in December in the cold and remember and raise money to help defeat cancer. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the Brandons who have gone before me.

​During my ordeal, one of the things I did to help myself day-to-day in getting through my treatments and recovery was to personify cancer as the bully that it is. It is a mean spirited jerk that can ruin lives. It is cruel and uncaring and it thinks it is invincible. Today we're here to remind cancer that you may be all of those things except you are not invincible. You didn't beat Brandon, and there are all of us here to prove that. We will continue to raise money to beat you. We will continue to raise awareness so that the Brandons are never lost in vain. Every year we will add more people to our side because we know that it is our "collective defense approach" - that an attack on one is considered an attack on all. It may take another 8 years or 80 years or another 800 runners but we will not stop. We will be here in the cold running this race when we talk of cancer as a has-been, mentioned in the same sentence with polio and measles, and mumps. This bully called cancer will remember us when we run it down - even if we do it 3 miles at a time every second Sunday in December!"

Bring your camera. take pictures with Santa Claus!
Enjoy hot cocoa, popcorn & more refreshments!
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