DECEMBER 11, 2021 


While a large event is not in the cards for 2020, we hope that you will consider making a donation to ACS and running the course in the spirit of the Reindeer Romp.

If you plan to run the course:
We will have the course marked on what would have been our 2020 race date, Saturday December 12. The map of the course and turn-by-turn directions are below. If you run solo or with your quaranteam on race day or any day in the month of December, record your run on Strava to be a part of the 2020 course results-the race course is saved as a segment.
Please note that the course will not be closed to traffic and runners should elect to run at their own risk. Stay safe!

Course turn-by-turn directions:
-Start at Haverford High School on Mill Road at the entrance to the bus loop
-Continue on Mill until you reach Darby Rd
-Turn left on Darby Road
-Continue on Darby until you reach Tenby Road (just before West Chester Pike)
-Turn around at Tenby Road and run in the opposite direction on Darby Road
-Continue on Darby passed Mill Road
-Turn around at Hastings Ave (just before the Darby Rd split) and run on Darby back towards Mill Road
-Turn left back onto Mill Road
-Finish on Mill at the same place you startedType your paragraph here.